ScioVR is a VR / AR-oriented development company based in Stockholm that focuses on professional simulators for healthcare education and training. ScioVR’s vision is to drive for equal opportunities through technology. Equal opportunity for the best healthcare science can offer. Equal opportunity for education. Equal opportunity for a healthy life.


ScioVR has in collaboration with one Stockholms largest hospitals “Södersjukhuset”, developed the Virtual Operating Room (VOP) platform to provide clinical training for medical professionals. In the VOP one could plan and train on procedures before the actual operation, resulting in more efficient teams, better outcomes for the patient and decreased cost. Several cooperation projects is also discussed with hospitals in Sweden and abroad.

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ScioVR is also looking at similar new technologies like Augmented Reality (AR). For instance, AR could enable knowledge sharing from medical professionals from a distant location to support medical professionals on the site. The opportunity to have the world’s best surgeon monitoring and advicing at ones own surgery is priceless. Thus, there are good prospects for financing specific development projects together with clinics, leading MedTech companies, health authorities and organizations. An example is our AR application “EDAR” that can revolutionize medicine education by displaying agencies in an AR environment.


The team behind ScioVR has a solid experience from the company’s business area of education, VR/AR and healthcare. By combining the knowledge, ScioVR expects to change the way healthcare is provided today.


With a double degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and Karolinska Institutet, Ann Du has experience in the pharmaceutical industry and long experience of teaching and is, among other things, guest lecturer at KTH. Today she works as CEO for ScioVR, with a big interest of new technology such as VR/AR. Ann was chosen for Sweden’s 101 Super Talents 2013 by Veckans Affärer and has previously received a research grant for MIT.


Dag Eklund is an entrepreneur, curious about new technology. He explores business opportunities where science and education meet the new Information Society. He has over 20 years’ experience as a project manager, business analyst and Internet strategist. He has run over 40 various developing projects in the field of interactive educational software. The customers have been multinational companies like Ericsson and Skanska, national publishing houses like Gleerups and national authorities like the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Prior to ScioVR, Dag Eklund co-founded Sensavis, a successful start-up in VR and a provider of market leading educational software for schools and colleges in Europe, Asia and the US.

Dag Eklund has a background in news journalism and publishing. He has a BA in economics and languages from The University of Stockholm and several degrees in sciences like mathematics, chemistry and oceanography.